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Case Studies

Maximized Digital Success for MaxGaming

Through innovative campaigns on paid platforms, specifically Meta and TikTok, Blue Hands has introduced MaxGaming's e-commerce across multiple markets, increasing their revenue while lowering the cost per purchase.

Successful Digital Transformation for Arla's Recruitment

By implementing and tailoring a digital presence that attracts and engages potential talents, Blue Hands Digital has successfully created a strong online profile for Arla. This included a presence on social media platforms and the implementation of digital marketing strategies. The result of these efforts was increased visibility for desirable candidates in recruitment and a positive reinforcement of Arla's employer brand.

Paid Marketing on Multiple Platforms for Starbreeze

Blue Hands has successfully driven conversions (installations) for Starbreeze's game PAYDAY 2, while reducing the cost per installation more than tenfold. Several paid social channels were used initially to build engagement, invite new players to join the PAYDAY community, and boost game sales.