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We are

Blue Hands Digital

Your helping hand in digital marketing

At Blue Hands Digital, we love digital marketing and think it's important to have fun in our work. That's why we think it's funny to have a name that reflects us so well. After all, we are the marketers who offer “hands-on” marketing and who work so hard that our hands turn blue. But our motto, “Your helping hand in digital marketing,” is more than just a playful pun. It is a philosophy that we base ourselves on the personal service we provide in every project we take on.

Question marks levitating in a blue hand.

Our process

We believe that the key to delivering effective digital marketing solutions is a simple and collaborative process. That's why we've developed a six-step process that enables us to work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, tailor strategies and deliver measurable results.



We always start by conducting a current situation analysis to map your needs and define business objectives. This usually happens during a start-up meeting where you get to meet the project manager and the rest of the team.



After we complete the analysis, we tailor a digital marketing strategy, based on budget, that will help you drive significant conversions for your business. Our team of specialists will guide you through all platforms, discussing the pros and cons and how best to achieve results over time.


Set up & launch

The next step is to set up campaigns, which involves translating the digital marketing strategy into tangible factors within the campaigns. This determines who we target, how our content looks, and the type of campaign we create. We always ensure that your content is clear and conversion-driven.



We continuously monitor your campaigns and make adjustments to improve performance and achieve your desired conversions, whether it's leads, sales, or brand awareness. We keep you updated on campaign insights so you can make informed decisions and get the most out of your digital marketing.


A/B Testing

An important step in our process is A/B testing the content we work with to achieve the best possible results. This can involve everything from the copy we use in our ads to how niche our target audience is.



By collecting data and insights, we provide ongoing reports that give you insights into the campaign, indicating market trends, performance, and what needs to be done for the next campaign to increase your conversions. We present reports at monthly meetings, unless otherwise requested.

Life at Blue Hands

A fundamental philosophy at Blue Hands Digital is our belief that working life is not necessarily separate from personal life. Life happens in the middle of work, in it and around it, and therefore we value having fun while constantly striving for growth and success in our work.

Meet our team

A blue hand doing the stop sign.
The Happiness Engineer
Team member headshot

Marcus Molin

CEO & Founder
The Spider Woman
Team member headshot

Alva Frostander

Head of Operations/ Project Manager
The Master Planner
Team member headshot

Natalie Kling

Marketing Operations Manager (on parental leave)
The Visual Alchemist
Team member headshot

Yasser Radhi

Content Director
The Pixel Picasso
Team member headshot

Dennis Hallmén

Content Producer
The Professor of Trends
Team member headshot

Amanda Shaaya

Performance Marketer
The Solutions Guru
Team member headshot

Daniell Jacob

Performance Marketer
The Revenue Architect
Team member headshot

Marcus Hysén

Digital Sales Representative
New to our team
Team member headshot

Alice Carlsson

Junior Performance Marketer
New to our team
Team member headshot

Simon Wolters

Junior Performance Marketer
The Stan Lee of Design
Team member headshot

Joel Liondune

UX/UI Designer