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Social media platforms – which ones fit your marketing strategy?

To fully understand which social media platforms will suit your marketing needs best, you need to research and understand the different pros and cons of different social media platforms. Whether it's Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Google Ads, choosing the right platform will elevate your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

When developing your marketing strategy, choosing which platforms that are right for you are one of the early important steps. It's easy to get lost in the sea of different platforms, therefore you should take the time to research and understand what will work best for your brand and audience. Now, let's have a look at FIVE of the biggest fundamental marketing and social media platforms.

1. Is Meta a good marketing platform? (Facebook, Instagram, and more)

With just Facebook alone nearing nearly three billion users, Meta's reach is hard to argue with. By having Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Meta's marketing platform can reach a wide array of users and audiences. Therefore it's no surprise that Meta is also one of the leaders when it comes to social media marketing, with Meta’s Ads Manager becoming a vital hub for anyone wanting to push out their brand using the internet.

Meta is the easiest platform to recommend since you can target such a large and diverse demographic audiences. For any wide-reaching campaign, Meta will be a key solution to reach those people. Especially since Meta offers a good price, in comparison to other platforms, when it comes to reach.

Marketing on Meta’s Ads manager gives you the power to micro-target audiences, cater to very specific objectives, target leads, and use the statistics given to you to really get those results you are looking for.

2. Is it worth it to advertise on LinkedIn?

With over 830 million users, Linkedin describes itself as “the world’s largest professional network”. With an image being portrayed as very professional, LinkedIn users are all looking to further their careers. Whether it's by marketing their brand on LinkedIn, expanding their network, or look for new business opportunities.

LinkedIn's number one asset is the audiences you are able to reach on their platform. This isn't a social media platform people browse on the bus just to kill some time, but rather professionals looking for an opportunity. The point being, if your audience is on LinkedIn, then this might be the golden platform for your marketing strategy as you can target your campaign on specific job titles, industries, skills, degrees, and much more.

3. Is it time to start advertising on TikTok?

The newest platform on this list is TikTok. Highlighted early as the mania that has taken over the younger generation's phones, TikTok has over one billion active users today (per month). With its focus on video and a free-flowing feed, TikTok's growth doesn't look like it has reached its peak just yet.

The majority of users on TikTok are in the 16-24 years span. Once again, if this fits your audience, then TikTok is a platform you need to consider. What we love about TikTok is how the ads naturally flow into the feed. Knowing how to market on TikTok is about knowing the platform and its trends. If you get it right, TikTok will give you amazing results.

4. Why should you advertise on Google Ads?

If you want to take advantage of Google's enormous reach, then Google Ads is your friend. There are many ways to include Google in your marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one popular and important way but is separate from Google Ads. What we are talking about now is marketing targeted on keywords and people using Google Search. Meaning you can take advantage of someone looking for a product or service similar to the one you are selling. 

Whatever your budget is, the size of your business, or the results you are looking for, Google Ads probably is quite the viable option for your marketing strategy. When you market on social media platforms, this includes the vast amount of people using social media just to casually browse. With Google Ads, you can target someone that's actually actively trying to find the solution that you offer. If your business offers something that people are actively looking for (but not finding), then Google Ads is a must-have.

5. Final thoughts

Choosing the right platforms for your business is just as hard as it is important. We always consult our clients on what we deem best, as we do our analysis and set up a marketing strategy. If you are curious about which platforms might suit your business best, or just want to have a chat, don't hesitate to reach out!


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